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Criminally funny

Criminally funny

Barrister, David Watson, who swapped court for comedy and appeared at of Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020.
Due to corona virus, this year the festival in it’s usual format has has to be reimagined with performances live streaming online.  Rather aptly, David’s performance this year will centre around the pandemic with his “Passive aggressive co-vid poetry” on Saturday 8th August.

He asked us to undertake creating an animated intro for his performance at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival (a week to turnaround).  The brief was “something punchy, maybe japanese gameshow garishness, I don’t know – and some discordant minimal bleeps.”

So we duly obliged.  Our concept ending up focussing on the words in a literal sense.  As ‘passive aggressive’ is paradoxical, we wanted sound to convey this, so juxtapose something that feels disjointed [think Akufen].
We also in the end threw in an animated version of the man himself to introduce and end the piece.  Not bad for 3 days turnaround.

I absolutely love it. Style music everything – stick my name and “Hyper-nice “ at the beginning and we’re sorted – it looks great  – David Watson
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